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48.random red lights oranges crawford being a tramp
45.e.t phone cheese
44.a sock hanging off of a lightbulb
43.ding dong wank
42.saying kinky in a most unkinky situation
41.our bin moving from next to our bench cheese
39.Nathans pecker
38.random road kill
37.pole dancing duck
36.curious cock
35.darren the darlik
34.netto suger
33.saying screw u when u have no intention to screw that person
32.hi mum
31.asking a paki where he comes from
30.the trip to camelot was very gingerly like
29.the kuntucky wrap was definitley doing some wrapping
28.what a naughty purple blob
27.Melted chocolate in jennings
26.fuck u
25.u homosapian
24.never say no to a tramp
23.goodchilds tash
22.eating soup with a fork
21.zebra crossings
20.that mole just moonied me(shaun wright)
19.i swear those boxers were white before i wore them
18.Neils floppy hand
17.the robins did a sweet calming relaxing shit
16.LAXITIVES now come in a microwave toilet flavour
15.dun one on tv
13.BEER now comes in beer flavour!!
12.hi mum can i go down the shop and buy some tomatoes
11.that floorboard just winked at me
10.calum randomly falling over
9.and ett vas varm and squelchy
8.i swear that triffle just groped my arse!
7.i live in a gingerbread house!!! hofts shiney head
5.jeffrys randomly moving in art
4.A red bin in the middle of a path or road
3.the pirate on top of a merits award in 9ca
2.every thing was great this morning and then the cat SHAT IN MY SHOE !!!
1.poof on legs

These random things were either seen or said by danny molad, shauno mcporno or mc muslim